Different Ways of Maintaining A Bar

In the running of any successful business it should be ensured that the bar is kept clean and is well maintained is. Maintaining standards behind the bar is not just about ensuring everything looks spick-and-span, although to lose customers a dirty or shabby looking bar is the fastest way; but there are other reasons too:

It is never a cheap enterprise to set up a bar and it is pointless to keep replacing items due to neglect no matter how good and inexpensive your bar equipment supplier is. It is important all equipment is looked after as bar equipment and bar accessories can add up to a sizeable investment.

In the modern bar business hygiene is also increasingly important. You can run into all sorts of trouble if you fail to maintain cleanliness - especially if you are also serving food. Everything should be regularly cleaned starting from cooker, dishwasher and fridge.

Looking after the bar

It is a continuous task to clean and maintain a bar and it should be always remembered. Cleaning the bar should be something that all bar staff must be doing when they are not serving and it should be remembered by them.

At frequent intervals the bar itself should regularly be wiped down and mats, tray and other bar accessories should be cleaned and replaced.

Strip down and clean pumps and pipes whilst also remembering to wash and clean all bar equipment regularly. All machines should be regularly serviced and for the important equipment it is often a good idea to have a good maintenance contractor.

As mess and spills can often lead to accidents so the floors shouldn't be neglected and ensure that it is regularly swept and mopped. And avoid leaving superfluous bar equipment around - if it is not needed store it away to keep the local bar as clean and functional as possible.